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They had the magic touch! I had been trying to personally kill off crabgrass and some other difficult weeds in the yard and they came in and got them under control. Pure Honesty and didn't try to overcharge me. As a result I enrolled in there program and my yard has not looked greener and weed free! They are a nice and genuine outfit!

Weed Control & Fertilization - Richmond, TX

Our Weed Control and Fertilization service is considered a pet friendly weed control.  Also, our weed control services will remove weeds from your lawn while controlling those difficult weeds that take over your lawn.   Our prices are 25 – 35% lower that Trugreen Lawn Care and we use the same quality products.   You will no longer need to worry about what products to use to treat brown spots in your grass, when to apply grub control or what types of lawn grass to use the products on.    Our technicians are thoroughly trained and educated on how to kill weeds but not your grass by using specific types of pre-emergent herbicide and lawn pest control that will not harm your kids or pets.  We pride ourselves on being one of the top weed removal and pest control companies in Sugar Land, Piney Point, Memorial, Bellaire, Richmond, Missouri City, Sienna Plantation, Cinco Ranch and Houston area.  


In addition, we offer treatment options that are centered on controlling lawn grubs, chinch bug killer, fire ant treatment and removing difficult weeds from your lawn.   We pride ourselves on applying a safe weed control for flower beds that will not harm your shrubs and plants.     


Ideally, the best way to live more life outside would be to have a lawn that is free of weeds, Ticks, Fleas and other annoying pests.  Four Seasons’ weed control, fertilization, pest control and lawn care programs are designed to control difficult weeds plus eliminate active and future emergence of pests.   


Please review and select one of our plans today!  

“We purchase the same products as TrueGreen and the other top providers of lawn care BUT you pay ALOT LESS with our plan.”

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Weed Control, Fertilization and Pesticide
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